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INKA WASI Travel Service - Peru Our Organization

Inka Wasi Travel has the following business units:

Receptive Tourism Office

This office serves passengers and groups visiting our different destinations, tailor making schedules and programs. We use state of the art technology to provide the best response in our hotels, excursions, flights and all other services with the highest quality level.

Last Minute Requests Office

A team of our best specialists is dedicated to serve passengers requiring assistance and immediate response. Thus, a passenger arriving to Peru without reservations or the basic services, may be embarking the same day in the next plane to Cusco to the preferred hotel and with all excursions services.

Customer Service Office

INKA WASI works on a constant quality assurance program. Policies and procedures in place are aimed to achieve such a goal. This Office, is here to listen to your problems and help you find the fastest and most effective solution.

Ticketing Office

We have a Sabre reservation system through which we can reserve and issue tickets from any origin and to any destination registered in the system. To cover transportation needs in the difficult geography of Peru, we can also issue tickets to any destination operated by local transportation companies to offer an integral transportation solution.

Research and Development Office

This office is aimed to producing new products and services, as well as developing a continuous improvement process.

Likewise, it designs new business models based on our strengths and strategic positioning, develops Internet based products using the available technology tools, with a special focus on business models that are related to the real world.