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The Conquest of Peru

The conquest of Peru is one of the greater importance events of the peruvian history and, as well, one of the most oustanding events of the New World History, due to the consequences that were derived from it. Such memorable fact begins when the Spaniards, commanded by Francisco Pizarro (whose number did not get 200), they had invaded the territories of the Tahuantinsuyo by the North region (Tumbes), coming from Panama, moved course to the city of Cajamarca.This city is militarily taken on November 16th of 1532, after to have taken Atahualpa as a prisoner , last emperor of the famous Incas's Empire. Afterwards,all the territories of Old Peru would be conquered and incorporated to the dominions of Spain.

Factors that impelled the invasion and conquer of Peru

Economic Factor

In order to exploit their numerous wealths mainly consistent in gold and silver, precious metals.


The ambition of Spain of encumbrar itself to the category of first nation of Europe. This Iberian country, culminates his caressed ideal when taking part in the conquest and colonization of the richest territories of the New World, seat as well of both of the most famous empires of Pre-Columbian America: the one of Mexico (Aztec) and the one of Peru (Inca), such that falls downcast, one after another one, as a result of the the push of the peninsular invaders.

Militar and Scientist

One of the decisive factors is that the peninsular ones counted on arms and a very advanced warlike knowledge. A scientific tool, that surely was the most valuable aid for the conquerors was the Compass as much for their marine passages of exploration like orienting itself in the immensities of the American territories.


From the initiation of the Great Geographic Discoveries, the extraordinary interest of the church by the diffusion of the Christianity is noticed. Such ideal got clear thanks to the work of Spain, catholic eminent Nation, and, mainly, due to the sacrificed work of its missionaries, many of them reached celebrity like martyrs of that brilliant but sacrificed evangelist labour and, also, like valiant defenders of the native population forehead to the more abuses increasing every day.