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Cusco Sightseeing

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Cusco Sightseeing is the perfect If you don’t have time to take the traditional City tour and the near ruins. The Bus leaves from Espinar Street, close to the Main Square.

The tour takes 2 hours. The guided tour is given in Spanish and English. However, the tour is informative and helpful for those who have just arrived to Cusco.

You will have some of the best panoramic views of all of Cusco. The bus stops at Cristo Blanco for 10 minutes. This is a great opportunity to take photos and take in the remarkable views of the sprawling city below you. This statue was donated to Cusco by a group of Palestinians that took refuge in Cusco years ago. The tour´s next stop is a small fábrica, a small textile manufacturer. Here a local woman will explain how they use alpaca wool to create fabrics. You will see and feel the difference between natural and synthetic materials and even get to feel baby alpaca wool. You can purchase clothing and other handmade alpaca items here. Bus passengers get a discount of 25-30% here.

the bus passes the famous archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman on the way. The guide gives a brief insight in to the historical site and the bus does stop momentarily for some photos, only from the bus though. Getting one of the bus tours in Cusco doesn’t give you access to these historical sites. A Cusco Tourist Ticket(BTG) is required for entrance to the site. After the great sight of Sacsayhuaman, the bus tour passes San Cristobal, a church high above and overlooking the main square. The last interesting thing pointed out by the guide is an old, uninhabited house that is said to have paranormal activity.

Cusco has two very distinct seasons. December to March/April marks the rainy season. The days can be sunny but when it rains it pours. Always expect rain, so don’t leave the hotel without raincoat and decent shoes. A good raincoat is an essential on your what to bring to Peru list. In May, June and July it can be really cold in the evenings, so wear jumpers and warm jackets. June to September is the dry season. Pants would be recommended all year round in Cusco as it can get chilly. It is possible to buy warm clothes here like alpaca sweaters and jumpers but rain gear can be expensive so come prepared for the rainy season. Regular clothes, like jeans and a jumper are generally perfect attire for Cusco.


The Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin, is the principle temple in the city of Cusco. The tour starts by entering the cathedral through the Church of the Sacred Family, and works its way through the entire cathedral, including the adjacent Church of Triumph.


The tour continues with a visit to the most important religious site of the Incas, the Qorikancha. The Temple of the Sun was the center of the entire complex Incan religion, making Cusco the Holy City of the Incas. Nowadays it is still possible to observe the advanced engineering and architectural techniques developed and utilized by the Incas.


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